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Electronic Manufacturing Services

We are a one-stop electronic manufacturing service provider headquartered in the USA. We build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers through hard work, integrity, communication, and honesty. Whether you are looking for production or prototype PCB assembly services, we are here to help. Please contact us today to learn more.

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Quick Turn

Get your printed circuit boards assembled quickly without compromise.

Prototype PCB Assembly


Small and medium prototype pcb runs before moving in to production.

Production PCB Assembly


Large production pcba runs with the highest quality and yield.

Electronics Hardware Product Development

Electronics Product Development

Electronics hardware product development services from concept to manufacturing.

Turnkey PCB Assembly


Bare board fabrication, component sourcing, and assembly labor. PCBAs are shipped ready to go.

Consigned PCB assembly


Provide us with bare boards and/or components and we will take care of the assembly labor.

Partially Kitted PCB assembly

Partially Kitted

Provide a few hard to find components and we'll return what isn't used with the assemblies.

Box Build and Mechanical assembly

Box Build

Let our mechanical assembly team integrate your PCBA into your final packaging.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable/Wire Harness

Cable and wire stripping, crimping, and precision cutting to your exact specifications.

Functional Testing PCBA

Functional Testing

Functionally test your PCBAs with your provided test documentation and equipment.

SMT pcb assembly

Surface Mount Technology

From 01005 passives to micro BGAs, we can place just about any SMT component.

Through-hole pcbs


We can hand solder and/or use a selective solder machine for soldering through-hole components.

High-Mix PCB assemblies


Printed circuit board assemblies with both SMT and Through-hole components.

Flexible Circuit Assemblies


We can assemble flexible circuits and flex circuits with stiffeners.

Rigid-Flex PCB Assemblies


Rigid-flex circuit assemblies have both rigid FR4 sections with flexible regions.

Lead-Free RoHs PCBAs

Lead-Free (RoHs)

Fully compliant Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs) PCB assemblies.

What is Electronics Manufacturing (EMS)?

Electronic manufacturing typically involves multiple services. Sometimes people interchange "pcb assembly" and "electronic manufacturing", however we consider pcb assembly only one part of electronic manufacturing.

Typical services of electronics manufacturing:

Titan circuits is able to provide all of the above EMS services for our customers. However, some of our customers prefer to test and/or assemble the box build in-house. We are happy to support our customers with one or all of the EMS services above. Please contact us today to get started.