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Electronics Product Development

We know electronics so you don’t have to.

Design, build and test your ideas with a multidimensional technical team that can take you all the way - from concept to fulfillment.

Our engineering team is excited and ready to turn your idea into a real device, be that a few or many thousands.

Hardware Development

We develop Launch Products™, not Prototypes.

What is the difference? A Launch Product™ incorporates features to support thorough performance testing, evaluation, programmability and data collection, much like a Prototype, with the added ability to shed these assets as the product matures toward know state and higher volume, avoiding iterative re-designs.

We call it Design to Scale, which is another way of saying, “Plan to succeed”.

With our Designed to Scale concept, your Launch Product™ can rapidly migrate to Production Run and we will be there for you, every step, because we offer End to End development and fulfillment manufacturing and have built hundreds of electronics including products in popular technologies like…

  • Wireless
  • Sensors
  • Wearables
  • Charging
  • Batteries
  • Display
  • Healthcare
  • IoT and Cloud
  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Embedded
Electronics Product Development

Reduce Development Costs and Time to Market

We work with both entrepreneurs and companies to deliver end-to-end complex products on tight schedules. With our in-house electronic engineering and manufacturing expertise, we help you get to market faster and reduce overall hardware development costs. From concept to manufacturing fulfillment, we are your one-stop solution provider.

We focus on the electronics so you can continue to grow your business.

Ready For a Free Project Review?

Do you have ambitions about developing your electronics idea? We have lead electronic engineers ready to talk to you about your needs and provide you a Free Project Review.

Getting started is painless and no cost. Our engineering is adept at working with you to scope out the full details of your requirements which address the form, fit and function of your Launch Product™. While we are well versed in electronics, circuit design and PCB manufacturing, we are also skilled at firmware development and mechanical engineering for turnkey integrations.

Following your inquiry, we schedule an engineering session for our Launch Product™ scoping process. This begins with a mutual non-disclosure so that seamless sharing of information can take place. This scoping process will continue until the questions on both sides have been sated. This typically takes a few days and multiple discussions / correspondences.

Following the scoping process, we are then in a position to offer pricing, scheduling and deliverable information for your decision trigger. On a green light, we move to execute the design, development and assembly process, along the outlined schedule like a road map, with status updates at identified progress waypoints. This concludes with Launch Product™ delivery, for your use. Following this Initial Delivery, we are then poised to produce your product on demand.