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Quick Turnaround PCB Assembly

Whether you are in a jam and you need your printed circuit board assemblies quickly, or you are in a rapid, fast-paced prototyping environment and need a quick turnaround on a regular basis, we are here to help.

The final lead time will depend on the complexity and quantity of the PCB assemblies you need. As circuit board assemblies get more complex (higher number of copper layers and component counts), the number of processes increase. Simple boards can be turned around next day, but more complex printed circuit boards will likely need longer lead times. Prototype assemblies that can be hand soldered will have quicker turnarounds compared to assemblies that need stencils, SMT programming, and tooling.

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How to Get Quickturn PCBAs?

You can submit your information through our secure Online printed circuit board assembly quote form or you can give us a call (888-913-9522) to talk with someone directly. When submitting your PCB assembly package, please include your desired lead times and schedule. It will help us understand the urgency of your situation.

The more we work together, the faster your assemblies can get processed as we can have your components in-house, in our equipment libraries and SMT programs. Lets start working together today and build a mutually beneficial long lasting partnership.

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Quick Turn PCBA Show Stoppers

Our PCBA quoting team processes hundreds of RFQs each month, so making sure you have complete and correct documentation helps us continue to provide the high level of customer service we have become known for. Here are some of the issues we sometimes run into:

  • Incomplete Bill of Materials (BOM): If we are sourcing components, we need BOMs to have complete manufacturer part numbers. If there are 1 or 2 missing part numbers, we can live with that. However, if the entire BOM is missing manufacturer part numbers, we ask that you complete the BOM before sending it in for quoting.

  • Obsolete, non-stocked, or out of stock components: If we are sourcing components, and you are looking for a quick turnaround, one component that has a 12 week lead time is likely a show stopper. Help us know what our options are a head of time. For example, identify the hard to find components and let us know that you plan on supplying them or that we can Do Not Install (DNI) specific components.

  • Missing components on the BOM: When we are quoting your PCB assembly, we review the BOM against the Gerber/Drill files. When we see parts that are on the board, but not on the BOM, we do not know if you accidentally forgot to put them on the BOM or if they are DNIs. This is important to know for our quoting process. Please add all parts to your BOM, but label them as DNI if they are not to be installed.

What is the Quick Turn PCB Assembly Process?

Get quick turn printed circuit board assemblies in FIVE steps:

  • Step 1: Submit or email us your complete PCB assembly package.

  • Step 2: We review and reach out with any questions.

  • Step 3: Once all questions are answered, we will send you a formal quote. We accept all major credit cards, wires, and terms. If you would like to apply for terms, please provide trade and credit references.

  • Step 4: Once the order is received, we will review and confirm a scheduled ship date. Please provide an engineering contact for any questions that come up during your pcb assembly.

  • Step 5: Your pcb assemblies ship! We can prepay and add the cost of the shipping to the final invoice or use your FedEx/UPS account number.

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Take advantage of our approved vendor list of worldwide PCB suppliers. For quick-turns, our domestic PCB fabricators can get us bare boards within 24 hours. Rigid, flex, rigid-flex, and ALU boards are all available for a one-stop quick turn PCB assembly solution.

Let us leverage our component buying power to get you the best pricing on components. We have relationships with all of the authorized distributors. For obsolete and out of stock components, we have a network of distributors to find those hard to find components.

Our state of the art surface mount and through-hole equipment can assemble practically any component on the market. We are ready to partner with you today on your quick turnaround printed circuit board projects.